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Bird control Auckland

Part of the problem in tackling bird control issues is sifting out options that will provide unsatisfactory and temporary relief. Over and above this there are some "bird control methods" that - used in the wrong setting -  are expensive and provide no relief at all.

To get good long lasting results - exclusion work (bird proofing) must be put to the top of the list every time. This option is often put at the bottom of the list because it is structural and sometimes expensive. Often businesses will not delve into this expense until it has become too costly to ignore. The price may be  loss of reputation or public perception... These costs may be hidden but can be extremely expensive.

In some situations exclusion is impossible or simply not practical. In these circumstances other bird control methods may be called for. This type of control may come in the form of Alpha chloralose baiting, trapping, deterrents and as a last resort shooting (in accordance with both the RSPCA, local bodies and police ). Programs can be arranged to maintain control of critical areas in these situations.

There is a range of deterent products available and new products are constantly being developed. A combination of deterent and another control method may suit your site best. In fact combinations of the above options are often the most effective solutions.

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Auckland Bird control

Call us to discuss your bird control solution. We can arrange to come out to site and put in place a treatment that suits your situation best. Our quote will include sanitisation or clean up plan if needed. Residual insecticide sprays can also be carried out to affected areas.  

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